the risk of unprotected life – a poem

23 Aug

(a poem by Soo, written in April 2010)

I made a suit
To protect my core
I made it better than before
My early suits were full of fail
Malfunctions on a epic scale
The first I knitted from whipped cream
It tore apart I blame the seams
I got the second off ebay
I went uncovered for a day
I smiled at someone on the way,
To fetch my suit late in the day
It wasn’t ready when they said
So I decided to get hitched instead.
The risk of unprotected life
From smile to lust to love to wife
Then wife to smile to on my own
With burnt fingers better suits are sewn
This time lined with kryptonite
But also sexy sleek and tight
Last week it caught on a 6ft nail
Another cautionary tale.
For a second I thought I wanted that
But this will do
I am intact.

well suited

Protective layers.  It is not only my sister who understands the concept.

Poetry.  Try it.  Not just for geeks and pretentious asses, and often a way to get whats in.. out.



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