ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT : Fed Up! Group Sessions

2 Feb

The Fed Up Manifesto :

“I am FED UP with a world which measures my worth in kilograms.  I am FED UP by the ways in which I have reacted to these measures and judgements in the past.  I am FED UP! Today, I am moving forward, taking charge, and claiming my right to life, love and happiness.  Right NOW”

Date : Tues 1 March 2011

Time : 6 to 9pm

Place : Group Lounge, My Coaching Office, Melville, Johannesburg

Session Topic : Weight Loss Surgery

A frank discussion on elective weight-loss surgery.  An opportunity for clarity and enlightenment for anyone who is considering a weight loss intervention, anyone opposed to this surgery but seeking with honest intent to understand it, or anyone conflicted on the issue. The discussion will be facilitated by myself (Suzanne ‘Soo’ Patterson), an NLP Life Coach.  All attendees will have an opportunity to participate, without pressure to communicate beyond their comfort level.

This group is for you if :  You are a woman.  You currently struggle with your weight AND/OR you have struggled with your weight in the past and still consider your relationship with food to be complicated and tenuous AND/OR you consider yourself a food addict AND/OR you are in a relationship with a food addict AND/OR you are part of the loving support system of a food addict.

Special Guest : Heather (my sister and co-blogger here) (37 yrs) – 3 months after lap-band surgery

Fed Up is NOT a slimming club.  Fed Up is a confidential on-going support system for women struggling with issues related to food addiction and self esteem.  The Fed Up Sessions have a group therapy structure, and offer encouragement and therapeutic advice in your journey to self-awareness, victory over your addiction and the issues which underlie it.  You will NOT be weighed, you will NOT be measured.  You will not be asked to leave the group if you do not lose weight.  You will never be shamed, over praised or treated like a child.  You WILL be heard, understood, and given an opportunity to vent, facilitated by a kind a gentle process.

To book contact me, Soo Patterson 071  177 7030 or email
To preserve the group dynamic, places are limited.  R80 per person, includes 3hr group therapy session, session notes, Coffee, Tea & Biscuits.


Bands and Ties and Other Things Which Bind

24 Jan

Suzanne’s Perspective

At the end of last year, my big sister (in all the ways that count, and some that don’t) underwent a surgical procedure, and had a weight loss device – a lap band – inserted.  She now has a teeny little inner tube circling her stomach, which when inflated will squeeze tighter and more efficiently than any iron-fisted willpower she has been able to summon to date and limit the amount of food she can comfortably eat in one sitting.

Inside my 15 year-old sister (pictured here) was always a fat person, fighting her way out. Slim and pretty, but in her mind fat and clumsy. Hiding under bulky shorts, arms covering a belly she didn't have. Eating until years later, her outside matched her inside.

Two earth-shattering, conscience jarring, where-the-hell-do-you-stand-on-anything-actually parcels of life found their way to my door step at the end of last year.  Both of them, in terms of my contribution to this blog, struck me dumb.

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15 kilograms gone!!

16 Dec

(Heather’s Perspective)

I am wearing a pair of jeans today.  They fit perfectly – and are even a bit loose around the waist and butt area.  Only a month ago – I had to squeeeeeeze into these jeans and could barely manage to get the zip up!  And even when zipped, there was a sausage of fat which hung over the waist-line.  In today’s pic, you’ll see that this is no longer the case.    I am very pleased to announce that I have lost 15 kilograms in 1 month!!  From the time I started my pre-op liquid diet – until now – 10 days post-op!  The pre-op liquid diet part was – by far – the toughest part.  Post-op… it’s been a breeze.  I can only get down tiny amounts of food (my stomach still needs some time to heal from the op – and apparently is rather swollen).  I don’t feel hungry.  I don’t feel deprived.  What a new feeling this is for me!

10 days post-op.

I removed the plasters from my wounds 3 days ago.  They’ve healed very nicely.  Still quite a bit of bruising – but it’s not painful at all.  The shortest cut is 15mm  the longest cut is 40mm… and there are 5 cuts.  The 40mm cut is where my lap-band port is placed, and is also the one which took the longest time to heal.

So!  There you have it!  I am absolutely thrilled to be losing weight and to be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in many, many years.  This is the start of a whole new journey for me!  🙂

I’m now a bona-fide BANDIT!

8 Dec

Hi all…

OK… for those who couldn’t care less about hearing all of the gruesome details – don’t bother reading this post!!

But… for those who are interested in what the whole procedure entails – here is my run-down.  Also to note: this experience differs enormously from person to person – so it’s not so much of a this-is-how-it-is post… rather than a this-is-my-personal-experience post (if that makes sense). Continue reading

Pre-Op Nerves…

5 Dec

(Heather’s Perspective)

This is the last blog post that I will be posting before I go in to have my lapband installed tomorrow morning.

I’m generally not a panicky or a nervous person… but I can’t deny that I’ve been experiencing the ‘butterflies’ since late this afternoon.  I don’t know whether I’m more nervous… or more excited.  It’s a definite mixture of both!

I will be back on-line after the op with an update…  but for now, it’s adios!

Thanks again to my wonderful friends & family who “get” why I’m doing this – and for supporting and encouraging me!

Next time we chat, I will officially be….. a BANDIT!!


Some inspiration…

1 Dec

7.4 kg’s in 12 days…

30 Nov

(Heather’s Perspective)

Yep!  Another few kilo’s down… and now, a total loss of 7.4 kilograms (16 pounds) in 12 days.  But – can I just say:  it has NOT been easy!  I’m smack in the middle of December party season… and I’ve been going off to all of these wonderful events…

Our book club year end function (with sizzling boerewors rolls and slabs of chocolate strewn all over the coffee table!)

A dinner party with friends (including home-made quiche, crusty breads, salads with mountains of feta, crispy chops on the braai and a giant chocolate cake for dessert!)

A year-end picnic with our church (and a table groaning with home-made potato bakes, braaied meat and freshly baked cheese muffins!!!)

And tonight: a business meeting at Cafe Fullstop – a place that makes my favourite pasta dish off all time!  And tomorrow night:  another dinner party in aid of Word AIDS day.  And on Thursday night: a birthday party at a restaurant for a friend. And on Friday night: a get-together at my house with some colleagues. And on Saturday: 2 birthday parties – one after the other!  And on Sunday: my daughter’s 5th birthday party at our house…. and FINALLY…. on Monday: the surgery!

Of course… during all of the events mentioned above…. I have been, and will continue to be… sitting in front of all of the yummy, tempting food… whilst sipping reluctantly from my modest little bowl of warmed up canned soup (no chunks or noodles allowed!).

Were it not for the motivation of lapband surgery on the 6th – trust me, I would have quit this awful liquid diet LONG ago!  In fact, I would have quit it on the very first event… when I was confronted by those wors rolls at book club!

At least… in exchange for my pain & suffering (and the continual awkward-moment-ness of being asked why I’m eating canned soup when there’s so much great food around)… I get the very pleasant reward of losing 7.4 kilograms in a really short period of time.  So… watch this space…. change is happening!!!