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Slowly but surely…

25 Feb

(Heather’s Perspective)…

Just thought I’d share a little photo.  OK – given, not the world’s greatest photo… but better than nothing!!

About 109 kilograms / 240 pounds

Today, I fitted into another pair of jeans that I have kept in storage for years – and which couldn’t fit me for years – and which now fit me (comfortably, I might add)!  They’re not the nicest or the most flattering pair of jeans… in fact, they’re those “mom jeans” that the fashion police warn you about.  You know, high waist… high pockets… and a bit to much camel-toe for my liking!

Still! I-can-FIT-into-them!!! And this is cause for celebration!!  (Now – I’m looking forward to getting too big for them, so I can happily toss them out!)

Yesterday, I went to the shops and purchased myself some new clothes (I have not done this in a very… very long time).  I bought some new undies, a pair of boots and 2 nice jerseys (American friends, translate: sweaters).  It felt really nice to shop at Woolworths – instead of at my usual haunt – Donna Claire or Penny C (which stock, I kid you not, disgusting… DISGUSTING clothes!  For evidence – click here).

I’m still a bit impatient about the slow progress of weight loss… and yes, yes – I know, I know!  1 kg per week is supposedly perfectly acceptable progress – but I don’t have the patience for it!  I want it ALL…GONE…NOW!!  Maybe I should take Soo up on her offer of going for hip-hop dance classes together…. that’ll probably help the weight-loss progress, huh?

Anyway – that was just a quick little update for the day.  Still extremely happy with my lap-band… and yes, I will book a 2nd fill for March – just to speed things up a bit.




The joys of shopping for Fat Clothes!

7 Jul

(Heather’s perspective)

As you may have already gathered, I don’t fit into normal sized, normal clothes that normal people are able to buy from the normal shops.  No, I have to buy my clothes from the very special shops… with very special clothes… for very special super-sized ladies (insert condescending company tag-line and jingle here).  Now normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with this – at least there are options available to me and places where I can actually buy clothes that fit me.  The problem I have with the fat-lady stores isn’t that they sell clothes for fat ladies…. it’s rather the collection of utterly vile clothes that’s on offer at said stores!

Penny C (a part of the Edgars group) is one such brand.  The brand, named after ex-Miss-Universe… Penny Coelen-Rey… (who, ironically, has never had a fat day in her life) offers overweight women an ‘exciting’ collection of floral ‘blouses’, jeans embellished with enough studs and sequins to make Dolly Parton proud, nylon granny pants in flattering shades of lilac with a crease ironed down the middle of each leg… and denim skirts with tiers of frills, edged with white lace (Think I’m exaggerating?  Ask my thin sister who accompanied me on one of my dreaded clothes-hunting trips!)

Donna Claire (part of the Foschini group) is not much better.  There seems to be a belief amongst the buyers, and indeed makers, of plus-sized garments that fat women are:

  • Definitely 45 years old or over – so there’s no ‘young’ or remotely trendy clothes to be found (on the contrary, lilac and florals abound!)
  • Fat women are ‘jolly’ and ‘loud ‘n proud’ and would like the loudest most garish clothes possible.  Therefore… each and every item has 2 or more of the following:  sequins, studs, bows, frills, iron-on prints of something cheesy, lace, fake leather strips, fake gold clasps and many more delightful options.
  • Fat women surely don’t have sex.  Therefore, why make anything decadent or luxurious in satin?  (Like maybe a simple black satin nightie with a matching gown…?)… Oh no, instead – we are offered cutesy, children’s pajamas and nighties… embellished with teddy-bear prints, cupids, hearts, fluffy pinkness and printed with sayings like: “Cute and Cuddly”.  Oh, goody-gum-drops!

Here’s some photographic evidence (photos taken by my sister in dressing rooms of the abovementioned stores)….

Beetle Juice jersey with flared denim skirt, anybody?

Clingy, shiny, pixelated-TV-pattern shirt with stomach bow... and flared office skirt.

And... my personal favourite: Pale pink crimpelene, camel-hoof creating pants... with ironed seam down the leg... with delightful, matching, magenta blousss with giraffe-skin pattern, bejeweled neckline and flared sleeve. Yeah, baby!