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We are all one pay-cheque away from chubby

21 Sep

If you are “a normal weight”, you walk a very fine line between fat and skinny.

One bout of a 3 day tummy bug would be enough to have you knocking on the door of skinny, and a one week beach holiday at a hotel with a buffet is sufficient to push you into chubby land.

fighting the beast within?

We walk really close to the edge and it may be partly responsible for why and how we lash out at people on either end of the weight spectrum.

Anyone who has seen “American Beauty” knows the guy who is the meanest to gay men, is like that because he is terribly fearful of the inevitable weak moment he will try to stick his tongue down the throat of Kevin Spacey.



the fat debate

18 Aug

Listen carefully at the end and you hear someone yell “eat something”.  Flip it over folks.. flip it over.  If you want more people to empathize with you.. lay off ripping into others for the way they look.. “skinny mini’s” or not.


How not to sell avos

2 Jul

(Heather’s perspective)

Eat... Eat... Eat!

So… the other day, I was sitting in my car, waiting for the robot to go green when an avocado salesman approached my window and tried to sell me a box of avos.  Now, I actually love avos, but on this particular day I had no cash on me, so I politely shook my head.  Not to be deterred, the avo salesman enthusiastically continued with his sales pitch;

“Special price avos – just for you, I’ll give them to you for a special price”

“No thank you” I said politely, keeping my eyes straight ahead and waiting impatiently for the green light.

“But I have a very special price for you .   Nice, ripe avos.  Here, have a look!”

“No… thank… you”, I said with a firmer tone.  Hoping he’d get the message.

“Please ma’am, please support today!  I’m offering you a very good deal, ma’am”

I shook my head firmly.  But the salesman remained unswayed.  He started to get animated.

“But I can see that you eat!”

“Excuse me?” I said, turning to look at him, confused.

“I can see that you’re an eater!” he said, whilst pointing animatedly through the window at my tummy rolls, “I can see!  I can see!”.

At that moment, the light turned green.  What else to do but drive on…?  What else was there to say?  He was, after all, right.  I am an ‘eater’ as he so succinctly puts it.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time.  I could write a book of stories of things that complete strangers have said to me about my weight… and a separate book on what family, friends and peers have said.  I guess I could feel hurt, insulted and bitter but, to be honest, it’s just too draining and a pointless waste of time and energy to get bitter about it.  I rather just laugh about it.  Best medicine, after all.