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Liquids… liquids…

21 Nov

(Heather’s Perspective)…

So…  I’m at the end of Day 2 on my pre-op liquid diet.  Obviously – it’s not fun for a food addict – to only be consuming liquids… but it’s doable – and I’m sticking to it 100% – because it’s only until the 6th December!

I’ve been drinking a lot of water and fruit juice between my liquid “meals”.  Liquid meals consist of either soup (no chunks or bits or noodles)…  or fruit smoothies.

Yesterday – I had a fruit smoothie (banana & strawberry) for breakfast…. and another one (mango) for lunch.  Supper was butternut & orange soup.  In between: water, fruit juice and the occasional coffee.  Today, I had yogi-sip for breakfast…. potato & leek soup for lunch….. and more butternut and orange soup for supper (woo-hoo…. hold me back from my over-excitement!).

So yes…. just to say…. it’s boring… and I feel hungry most of the time… but it’s doable.  And I have MORE than enough motivation to keep me going.

Dinner! (and lunch)... (often!)...