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Reasons for the pre-op liquid diet…

22 Nov

(Heather’s Perspective)

Some people have asked me why I have to go on a liquid diet before the surgery.

I looked it up…. and this is what I discovered:

The purpose of a pre-surgery diet is to:

  • Reduce body fat around the stomach and liver, as well as shrink the liver itself.  If the liver is too large, the surgery may have to be postponed.
  • Improve surgical outcomes and recovery.  By reducing fatty triglycerides from around the liver and spleen, it can reduce potential surgical bleeding.
  • Increase protein intake, which will help preserve and protect muscle tissue.

So there you go….


The dreaded “Before” Photos…

22 Nov

(Heather’s Perspective)

I didn’t want to do this.  I so didn’t want to do this!!

However, for the purpose of telling the story (the good, the bad and everything else)… I realise that I need to add some pictures too – maybe to make it more informative and interesting for those following the journey (and also for me – when I look back on all of this in a year or two’s time).

So… on my Milestone day – I was at Soo’s house… and she took these pictures of me.  The dreaded “before” pictures.

May I say – that I’m wearing the most flattering outfit that I currently own.  I was tempted to go for the typical “before” look… you know, the ones you always see on the Verimark (daytime TV) ad’s…. with disheveled and unkempt people, wearing frumpy clothes and teased bed-hair… who slouch sadly…. who puff and wheeze… who shrug their shoulders and gaze mournfully into the camera with an “I-can’t-do-this” expression (and always in black ‘n white – strangely)… until, of course, the “Miracle Product” is introduced and colour is returned to the TV screens – along with bright, scrubbed, shiny, happy actors with dazzling smiles and orange tans – who beamingly declare that said “Miracle Product” will change your life… but wait…. there’s more!!!!!

Anyyyyhow…… so, what I’m saying…. is that I’m not doing a condescending Verimark Advert “Before Photo”.  My hair is freshly washed… and I’m wearing the most flattering outfit I own…. (under the circumstances, of course).

So – without further ado – here are the BEFORE photos!!!


Heather - 129 kilograms (19 November 2010)


The Side Profile... "behind"....

Just as a quick update, I’m on day 3 of the pre-op Liquids Only diet…. and I’m managing fine.